Like all musicians, I was trying to find my path from the moment I held my first instrument in my hand. The first big step was when I turned from classical music to jazz. I tried several different genres, I played in a lot of different bands and created my own formations. This was all part of finding my way. In 2005 I founded Trans-formation where I think I found my own voice for the first time. The idea came once when I played a duet with Tibor Eichinger. I ended up playing the solo then but our desire to play together remained and eventually lead us to found our band. Tibi used to be my classmate at college, I was always fond of his special musical world, his unique compositions. I know György Frey from a previous formation (Coolactive). My enthusiasm for his guitar playing made the decision obvious to invite him to play the bass. Originally we wanted to form a trio but we were still missing the whole rhythm section. I knew that I wanted a percussion instrument thinking that for the flute and soprano saxophone sound this would be needed. This is how we found Kornél Mogyoró who worked with us for five years on the albums and the concerts. On our first album Eichinger’s pieces can be heard but later on after receiving a lot of encouragement from my musician friends, I also started composing. These compositions are on the second album. We created a sound that is unique, defines us and now György Frey’s pieces are also on our repertoire. This also proves that the music of Trans-formations is a fruit of collective work and joint efforts. After three years of silence the band got together again. In the meantime Kornél Mogyoró has become really busy with a full agenda so we had to find someone else for the percussion position. Our new member is Csaba Pusztai.


Trans-formation „official”

The band was formed in July 2005. It has a really special mix of instruments which gives a unique sounding music experience. The rhythm section comprises a guitar, base guitar and percussion instruments, accompanied by the flute or soprano saxophone.

Each member of our group has made several detours into different music styles . All this – the experiences, genres and emotions are transformed into a one-of-a-kind music ’fabric’ – hence the name, TRANS-FORMATION.

Trans-formation performs its own compositions. The music we play can be categorized as jazz (in the widest sense of the word) but it also contains contemporary music elements and at times world music spices it up. Probably the best way to describe it is „contemporary jazz fantasies”.

As far as its ambiance, it transmits a really wide range of emotions – melancholic, loud, sweet, firy, acerbic, playful and, at times, grotesque.



Pozsár Eszter – flutes, saxophone


Eichinger Tibor - guitar


Frey György – bass guitar


Pusztai Csaba - percussions