A great part of my life is devoted to teaching. Ever since I graduated from college I have been teaching at the same music school, this is the same school I attended a long time ago. Its name today is Teleky-Wattay School of Arts (http://www.twmi.hu). In addition to this, I had a second job for 10 years at the Tihamér Vujicsics Music School at Szentendre.


I love my job. I think it is a wonderful thing to put an instrument in children’s hands and accompany them, at times all the way until they become adults, and be part of their life. To be the person (or one of the people) who represents music to them and shows them how magical it can be and how much richer one can become if music is part of one’s life.


In addition to being a music teacher I am also involved in other areas of education. Our school started an event series of saxophone ’encounters’, the aim of which is to invite all who are involved in teaching saxophone and to introduce  all the different genres of playing the saxophone. The success of these events was so great that our school received the right to organize the national saxophone competitions (this idea came from me). I was behind this idea because I believe that a competition which is organized in a good mood gives a great opportunity for professional improvement. It was also high time that this relatively young instrument – the saxophone – became enlisted on the national competitions and that it became properly recognized in Hungary as well. Nowadays I am actively involved in preparing and organizing these competitions.


After the changing of the political regime the old curriculums were revised and new national curriculums were prepared. Our school was selected to work out the curriculum for the jazz music education so I had the privilege to prepare the basic level jazz saxophone and jazz flute curriculum (the consultant for the saxophone curriculum was Mihály Borbély, and for the flute István Elek).


Throughout the years of teaching I worked out my own method, the basis of which is improvization and I was asked to sum it up in a teaching material. This can be found and purchased on the www.educatio.hu website as „jógyakorlat”.


Requests kept coming in. In 2013 I worked out a methodology material for the Organization of Hungarian Music Schools and Art Schools (MZMSZ), with the title „Questions of methodology in the field of teaching jazz saxophone”. The material is available through MZMSZ. I hold lectures and workshops to introduce the methods described.