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For me, music is first of all a spiritual thing. This and the problems coming up throughout my teaching experience lead me to music therapy. As a teacher I met a lot of students who had difficulties but not as a result of the lack sufficient practice. On the one hand, I felt helpless because I could not help them with the traditional methods but at the same time I realized that music is something which can be used for improving people’s skills and it gives people a wonderful experience and something extra. Also in my personal experience I found that whatever difficulties I had to face, music always helped me. I was trying to look for something and I found music therapy. In 2011 I graduated from the faculty of Music Therapy at the University of Pécs. After receiving my diploma I was trying to find my path since as a music therapist there are many great opportunities. I worked with children with special needs at the Hétszínvirág Kindergarten in Pomáz, I worked out and implemented an improvement program consisting of two phases. I held a therapy camp at the László Batthyány Home for Visually Impaired Children, I made a music therapy camp. I wrote my thesis on the subject of „music therapy in music school education” and I decided to take this path. I deal with children who have different kinds of learning disorders in most serious case dislexia. Combining the several years of experience and the music therapy know-how, I am working on my own method which I hope will help these troubled children in their improvement. My goal is to work out in a more professional way and to enrich this method.


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