About me

I was born in Budapest and I live in Budakalász; I consider the Danube bend area to be my home within Hungary. Apart from a very short period (when I wanted to become an astronomer) I became interested in music at a very early age. My first music teacher was my father who taught me folk songs on recorder, this was my first music experience. At the age of nine I became a student at the local music school. I switched from the recorder to the flute, my teacher was Katalin Ásztainé Abaffy. I won several prizes but I still continued my education at a high school where my main focus was foreign languages. I started to play the saxophone when I was seventeen, with a teacher, Mihály Borbély, who became another influential person in my music career. Under his influence and after having become acquainted with the music of Branford Marsalis, I turned toward jazz. Later on I got admitted at the Ferenc Liszt College of Music, faculty of jazz-saxophone. I received my diploma in 1994. During my college years I became interested in classical Indian music. Within the framework of Ravi Shankar Institute for Music And Performing Arts I learnt North Indian classical music on bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). As part of my studies, I received a scholarship for six months in New Delhi, at the institute Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.  Soon after graduating from college I founded my own band ((Zsombor Zrubka – vibraphone, Péter Nagy – double bass, Dániel Tenk – drums) and with this formation I recorded my first album with the title „Urban tales”, published by Fonó Records. I had the  privilege to try a wide variety of music genres: Sunny Dance Band – salon music, Classy Four Saxophone Quartet – classical and jazz, Baló István ensemble – free jazz, Myrtill Quartet – smooth jazz,  Urbán Orsolya – jazz, swing,  Battuta – contemporary jazz, Musica Da Chiesa – classical music. In 2000 I founded the Coolactive band which was a unique combination of four saxophones and a rhythm section (István Elek – tenor saxophone, Sándor Zsemlye – alto saxophone, Orsi Urbán – baritone saxophone, vocal, János Nagy – piano, György Frey – bass guitar, Péter Szendőfi – drums). With this band we gave concerts on a regular basis between 2000-2004. In 2005 I founded the band I am in at present, Trans-formation, we had two albums: „The smile of the mouse” (2007) and „Veda’s garden” (2010). I have always wanted to play a duet with piano and this dream came true in 2012 when Richárd Révész piano player and I published our duet album under the title „Encounters”. This experience gave me the chance to get to know the latin music as well. In addition to Trans-formation, I also have another permanent formation, the Eszter Pozsár trio, playing smooth jazz, mainly at organized events.


I mainly consider myself as a jazz musician but as you can read it above, I am far from mainstream. I like and play all kinds of  music if I like it for some reason. Although I graduated from the faculty of saxophone, I always try to position the flute not as my alternative instrument but as a main one. I had my own quartet - Trans-formation - for 15 years, we recorded 4 albums. My currant formation is called Contempo. In 1919 I became the soloist of the Free Style Chamber Orchestra.


In addition to playing music actively I also teach music and am involved in music therapy.




1994 Ferenc Liszt College of Music – jazz saxophone performing artist, teacher

2001 Loránd Eötvös University – cultural manager

2011 University of Pécs – music therapist

2018 – Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music – jazz-saxophone teacher – master’s degree

2019 – ARTISJUS Award – music teacher/contemporary music